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Congratulations Internet Patron:

You have stumbled upon the MKULTRA-Foods global website, home of "Liquid Bacon", the world's most popular clandestine breakfast substitute. Many visitors arrive here enveloped in a fog, completely unaware of our omnipotent, omnipresent organization. And yet, remarkably, it is because of such baffled masses that our sales continue to dwarf that of all major competitors combined. You may ask, how can such great success come to a company that has existed entirely in shadows for sixty years? The answer is simple; we are not scared of anyone, especially not you.
Our widely disseminated mind-control technologies have, in sixty years of concerted research and development, effectively insinuated daily life in a vast and totalizing way. Spooky, circuitous methodologies, fun while they may be, pervade Hollywood representations in the spy genre, and so we too have grown weary of the same old tired formula. Our team of market experts have determined that the time has come to end clandestine operations in LSD experimentation and other top-secret spirit-quests for controlling-share. You, dear reader, have been our subject all along, and now (for the first time ever) we are proud to anoint you with a peripheral awareness of our long, proud tradition of mind-control development and distribution, behavior modification, radio-brain manipulation, subsequent media control and mass implementation. Quickly raise a glass, celebrate now before you happily forget everything that you know.

The Origin of the MKULTRA Project

Since the beginning of the cold war the struggle over ideologies has resonated throughout the developed world, penetrating every home in the heartland of America: at every baseball game or ballet recital, hovering over groundbreaking medical procedures, pushing deeper into outer space and the scientific unknown, and penetrating with incisive forceps the outer gelatinous membrane of the oedipal yoke. To be sure our communist adversaries were equal to the challenge, at times impinging on our maverick (heterosexual/missionary) vision for peace and god-fearing prosperity with invasive and deceitful technologies, superior gymnastic skills, and, of course, Sputnik. However, the fortunes of time would prove to be on our side, converting the despotism of Soviet communism into a reliable Russian trading partner with a diminished Olympic gold medal tally. Other super-powers have also fallen into line. 21st century China, for example, has latched on to the illuminating light of capitalism and its proliferating money markets. Yes, communists the world around have relented to the power of capital because they do not want to miss out on the spoils of our powerful footrace analogy. From this rhetoric of competition and cold wars the CIA molded MKULTRA, and thereafter emerged victorious by retaining controlling market share of the living human mind.
Here at MKULTRA-Foods we believe that the past amounts to more than mere lessons from which to build and vanquish. A conquered history streams through our veins, into all of the wet places of the body, through viscous and slimy organs, and into the wet, wet industrial pistons that pound at the heart of our drippy wet society. Salute your flag (who cares which one), lay down some plastic, slide into a creamy warm bucket of odorless Liquid Bacon. Celebrate the past with a yummy cathode ray full of everyday mind control and proceed to forget everything you know. Behold:

news conference

Luxembourg, May 15, 2007: MKULTRA- Foods, the world's largest unacknowledged distributor of mind-control foodstuffs, have emerged from their hyperreal bunker (nestled deep in the far away land of shadows), in order to exert control on the conscious minds of citizens. The website launch marks an unprecedented proliferation of behavior modifying transmission. Much of the present site is delivered with invisible dexterity, beyond scrutiny, and with the malignant subliminal force of a super-spy.

lqb logo

Liquid Bacon, the sole product of MKULTRA-Foods, is now available throughout Earth. Quotable/prototypical Doctor-types have determined that vigorous applications of LBQ1037 reduces cerebral antagonisms (misgivings, queries, doubts) by as much as "total nullification". While most sales related to Liquid Bacon remain metaphysical in nature, the present website should improve subscription by as much as "total immersion". For more information related to Liquid Bacon visit our Products page.

art collection

Dateline May 20, 2007: The Kincaid Kontemporary Kollection senior curator Dr. Andy LaBouche, in conjunction with the launch of the website, has announced that selections from "the world's most valuable sequestered art collection" will be made public for the very first time. For more information related to MK-Artstuffs visit our Kollections page or other research portholes through the Research page.

The Move to MKULTRA-Foods

Following the public exposure of top-secret CIA mind-control experiments, first in the U.S. Congress subcommittee hearings and then in the Rockefeller Commission report, the MKULTRA program was forced underground by going public: and MKULTRA-Foods (corp.) tumbled forth into the world. On this auspicious occasion Mr. "Mister" Kincaid, famously known as Mr. Kincaid, (although referred to simply as "MK" by his friends), stepped forward to become the premiere Executive Officer of MKULTRA-Foods. His first directive was to define the role of the corporation, and on this count his vision was clear. "Food is the lifeblood of living organisms," he would say, "and so foodstuffs will generate the biochemical receptivity needed to develop "subliminal nutrition control" (SNC) and broker in a new area of freedom-loving mind-control." The post-top-secret history of MKULTRA moved towards the final frontier of mind-plying nutritional psychotechnologies thanks in no small part to German innovation. So it is that MKULTRA-Foods seeks to widen the influence that we have over the chemical make-up of the masses. The proper mind-development of nations requires that we extend our control into viscous vicissitudes of verity. Enter "Liquid Bacon" and become plasmic with the amniotic yolk of systematic will.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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