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The Kincaid Kontemporary Kollection welcomes you: enter and observe the central role Kontemporary art plays in the process of generating vast empires of abstract wealth. Consider this, the equivalent value of a sprawling estate, so conspicuous and cumbersome to the average jet-setter, can be instantly collapsed into a diminutive easel painting small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. We hope that the whole time that you devote to researching artworks in this collection you are able to consider MKULTRA-Foods the benevolent gatekeeper of your cultural exposure. Remember, you may look, but do not touch. You may have eyes in your head but our heat vision is capable of sight in the darkest places. Believe us, we will unwrap you naked where you cower, every time you let drop your leaden eyelids we will draw closer to the warm, velvet subconscious under breath, finally sniping neatly along the horizon of your hemispheres to recoup what is our... intellectual ...PROPERTY.

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Californian Ambassadors | Totally Awesome Fantasy on the Edge of Forever | The Longo War | The Group of Seven | Towers

Recent Acquisition! American Sublime will immediately take its place in the annals of art history. Not only does this landmark artwork inexplicably and seamlessly combine the media of oil paint and film, it resides, coiled like a pit viper in absolute darkness, somewhere in the deepest pit of ineffable horror for which the unsayable/unknowable sublime must suffice. Enjoy!

Special commission! This Iraq War Memorial behaves very much like other war memorials, as a polite reminder of who wears the pants in this big old world of ours. And we stress "ours", not "theirs", got it? So quit with your whining and remember why we are there in the first place: to spread freedom, democracy and other words using the blunt end of a bloodied cudgel.

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keifer hut grand theft aesthetic canerica operation_pollack pure magic californian ambassadors totally awesome the longo war group of seven towers