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kincaid art  
Simply click on the image to the left and be propelled into the MKULTRA-Foods Kincaid Kontemporary Kollection online Gallery. The Kollection holdings have ballooned over the years, and so the cross section contained herein is merely a taster.

As art owners we take great pride in owning art. However, at times the ominous task of owning art is a arduous test of nerves and endurance. A cursory perusal of the holdings herein will reveal why so many Kollection holdings are described as "difficult", "controversial", or "insurrectionist" . We at MKULTRA-Foods have come to uphold the time-tested formula for handling unruly children, just buy them lots of ice cream. The best way to control wonton, self indulgent brats remains the simple practice of acquisition. As is evidenced by our network page MKULTRA-Foods is the proud cultural peer of the most powerful media empires in the universe, and not by accident. God bless, we know what is best for culture.
paper shreddings  
Click on the framed document to the left and be propelled into the MKULTRA-Foods Paper-Shredding Project, an online gathering centre sponsored by "Liquid Bacon". The copious fingernail-sized documents that are gathered and meticulously reconstructed herein pose no immediate threat to society, and believe it or not, this is where you come in. Make some kind of infantile crafty. doily thing-a-ma-bob out of Richard Helms' grated garbage and send it in to us for posting in this archive. Every contestant receives an undisclosed prize at an undisclosed time of our choosing. Sometimes we must remember to forget, therein lay the spoils of magnificent affluence!

The records compiled within this archive comprise some of the most important shredded documents of data produced by transplanted German scientists. Decipher the re-compiled text or simply enjoy the wonderful handicraft of our paper-shredded potpourri, either way is fun and educational for the whole family.