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the truth you can't handle
TRUE or FALSE: Behavior modification can be effectuated remotely vis-a-vis electronic devices found in the average modern day household. Put quite simply, is it true that particular brainwaves may be targeted and subsequently controlled through the internet, right now, as you read these very words?
Answer - TRUE: Liquid Bacon is distributed by just such a subconscious delivery system, something along the lines of a mandatory serving of what you don't know but sorely need in these squeamish days.
TRUE or FALSE: Pornography is smut and should be discouraged, except at a stag party where pornography comes to embody a heterosexual's last line of defense in the war against queers.
Answer - TRUE: And nothing goes better with porn than a body-warm bottle of "Liquid Bacon"! Mmmmm, you can almost taste it!
TRUE or FALSE: Dinosaurs died for the sins of man, and in this way we testify to the 6000-year-old earth theory, we cling to it desperately, as we do the belief that the forthcoming holy assumption of our youthful twenty-something bodies to a life everlasting, translucent and humorless piety will be our ultimate reward.
Answer - TRUE: Sure, whatever floats your boat, just so long as we've got your attention. Carry on.
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